Andrea Saladrigas

Co-Founder, Master Honey

$5,000 Scholarship Winner

Andrea Saladrigas is a Marketing and Sales student at Florida International University. After graduating high school in 2012 she moved from Caracas, Venezuela to Miami, Florida.

She has been involved in the family beekeeping business since it started in 2008. She started her own brand of Raw Honey and two years later, her dad and her, are now the co-founders of Master HoneyMaster Honey empowers lower income women to start their own micro beekeeping business by providing them with all the education and economic resources that they need, as well as assuring them a steady line of income by buying and commercializing the honey produced.

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Alexandria Agresta

Founder, myLoop

$3,000 Scholarship Winner

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, the passion is innate. Always having been a risk taker, Alex took a leap of faith at age 18 and moved from Cherry Hill, New Jersey to Orlando, Florida to continue her education. It is there that she found herself driven to excel well beyond her peers, sharing the same vision as top leaders: to ignite global change and make a positive impact on the world. She took her curiosity outside the walls of traditional academia and dove headfirst into the industry of business. Her unique problem solver mentality mixed with a social butterfly personality is how her start up, myLoop, came to life, when she was just 20 years old. It has now evolved into something larger leading her to meaningful connections, strategic partnerships, endless opportunities. All in all, she is a true visionary with an undying determination to make her stamp on this lifetime.

myLoop is a professional networking platform designed to make your online world more tailored and create meaningful connections through career and business interests. They assist people in transitional stages in their lives to build, rebuild or enhance their network by providing the necessary tools to further explore areas of interest. myLoop exists to ignite a global disruption in how we interact through technology by applying real-life principles in how we communicate as individuals. Everyone has a story; myLoop hears them all.

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Karley Chynces

Founder, Endless Textbooks

$2,000 Scholarship Winner

Everyone has a story; hers is just special…literally. Karley has a sister with special needs. She has been the inspiration to her accomplishments because she has taught her patience and perseverance.   

Since a young age, Karley has been a martial artist and reached a black belt status. In the past 14 years, she has attained the level of a classical pianist and is recognized on the National Musicians Hall of Fame. She has taken her skills to start a small piano studio. Through martial arts and music, she acquired skills of concentration, perseverance, self-control, and connection with her indomitable spirit, all at a very young age.

In high school, she initiated the Best Buddies chapter. As president, she grew it to be the best club of the year and it remains strong to this day. At Florida International University, she serves as the Director of Community and Social Impact for the American Marketing Association. In addition, she serves as Vice President of Alfalit International’s Young Professionals Board, where they teach people around the world basic literacy. Her continuous service in the community has ranked her in the top 10% in Florida, obtaining a Presidential award, the Jean Ellen Shehan Award, and countless others.

He sister has made her realize that you cannot control the way you were born, but you can control the way you live your life. As a self-starter, she realized that opportunities will not come to you, but you must go to them. Whatever she starts in life, she dedicates myself to the full, by going the continuous extra mile, taking the ordinary into extraordinary.

Karley’s business idea was born when she began to ask herself and others: Have you ever spent more than what you have wanted to spend on text book? If you have then, say hello to the good buy! Endless Textbooks cuts education costs by providing students with endless e-textbooks. With Endless Textbooks, learning is not only more affordable, but students also have access to all their textbooks on one single platform. Education should have a reasonable price tag, and Endless Textbooks does so, by putting an end to textbooks. 

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