What is the University Partnership Initiative

University Partnerships initiative focuses on building a College-to-Career pipeline between Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) and corporate/industry leaders through education, access, and viable internships leading to future employment. This initiative will dramatically transform the trajectory for the first- and second-generation students from low to moderate-income households (LMIs) by providing students with viable paid internships. We will address the needs of the industry, while growing our economy, sharpening marketable skills, and ensuring livable wages. Given the country’s increasingly changing demographics, this initiative’s mission is critical to our economic growth and the success of companies throughout the country. The University Partnership launched in Texas and will serve as the national model by preparing students for the competitive, global marketplace.

The Mission

The mission of this initiative aligns with 60x30TX, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s strategic plan that calls for 60% of adults 25-34 years old to hold college degrees or certificates by 2030. UTA University Crossroads is one of 40 recognized P-16 Councils developed by the Coordinating Board to meet the 60x30TX goals. In partnership with the USHCC Foundation, The University of Texas Arlington serves as the University Crossroads’ managing partner and fiscal agent as well as a principal and founding partner. The partnership has joined with selective University Crossroads partners who have shown commitment in this effort.

Who are the Partners

  • USHCC Foundation

  • University of Texas at Arlington 

  • HSIs and Emerging HSIs

  • Hispanic Media Initiative

  • UTA Center for Mexican American Studies

  • SkillQuest

  • Puede Network

  • Magdaleno Leadership Institute

  • Nominations and Awards

Nominations and Awards

Currently, our initiative has been nominated for the THECB STAR Award – Partnership category. We have also been selected to present the program on opening day of the National College Board Forum. 

This initiative is proof of the pivotal role the private and public sector play to ensure that America’s students are career and workforce ready.  Together we will set a new practice to connect students and companies and help them propel economic wealth.