Congratulations 2018 Local Chamber Grant Recipients!


About the Local Chamber Grant

The USHCC Foundation has partnered with Wells Fargo to provide $100,000 dollars in funds each year directly to chambers across the country for existing programs that strengthen and foster the growth of small business communities.

Multiple grants ranging from $20,000 to $5,000 are awarded to local chambers who continue to serve their members and local business communities. These funds have supported a variety of programs, spanning from empowering entrepreneurs, promoting green energy, and advancing diversity and inclusion. 


Grant Amounts

There are three tiers of grant awards to which each chamber call fall under one. The size of the chambers membership will determine which tier of funding the applying chamber can qualify for

TIER I: Funding Level $20,000 – For chambers with over 1,000 members 
TIER II: Funding Level $10,000 – For chambers with between 999 and 250 members

TIER III: Funding Level $5,000 - For chambers with under 249 members


Judging Includes

  • Major accomplishments achieved in the areas of business, economic development, procurement and/or access to capital

  • Leadership, partnerships and service to the Hispanic community and business community

  • Measurable results and outcomes within the Hispanic business community

Not to be limited by the criteria above


Application Check list:

  • Must be an existing program targeted toward strengthening small business members.

  • Recipients must be willing to provide progress reports and present at the USHCC National Convention describing the use of the funds and updates on the program. Recipients will also provide a final report at the end of the grant cycle.

  • Must be a current dues-paying member of the USHCC.

Note: If you are already receiving funding from Wells Fargo, you are still able to apply for this grant.



Elva Lima