The form below is the first step in your organization becoming a member of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. If you are a new, non-returning chamber, please contact Elva Lima to add your organization to the drop-down list below prior to attempting to complete this form.

Note: If you are a business looking to become a USHCC Hispanic Business Enterprise member, please email Elva Lima at

Membership Benefits

Membership at the USHCC aims to build the bridge between corporate America and our nation’s 4.2 million Hispanic-owned firms. We accomplish this goal by providing the platform and resources for corporations, Hispanic enterprises and local chambers of commerce to engage and build meaningful relationships for the benefit of our American economy. 

Access to a vast network of local chambers, Hispanic Business Enterprises and corporations:

At the USHCC, we are proud to say that we are the largest Hispanic business organization in the country, surpassing 4.2 million businesses from coast to coast. We establish connections with everyone--from the largest corporations to the small, Hispanic-owned business to ensure a strong foothold in the American economy. 

Two complimentary registrations to the USHCC Annual National Convention and the USHCC Annual Legislative Summit:

Valued at approximately $3,000.00 per convention, your membership includes two complimentary registrations to our biggest events of the year: our annual National Convention and Legislative Summit. Business matchmaking, workshops, networking with business leaders from across the country, receptions, and galas are just a few components of our annual events!

Potential opportunities to co-host USHCC and USHCC Foundation events in your community:

Subject to availability, there are potential opportunities available where the President and Staff of the USHCC and USHCC Foundation can co-host events in your community. Keynote addresses, panel discussions, and special appearances may be arranged to help support your event and your organization.

Free educational training offered by top-tier universities:

Our Chamber Training Institutes (CTI) are free seminars and training programs offered to our members to provide knowledge, guidance, and support in seeking to improve themselves. Delivered by Notre Dame University’s Mendoza School of Business and sponsored by Wells Fargo, these seminars take place every two months in strategic locations throughout the country to collaborate with local chambers and bring the USHCC Foundation to Hispanic business nationwide. Topics include grant-writing, fundraising, and how to create an effective development plan for a non-profit organization.

Exclusive participation in corporate partner programs:

We connect our Corporate Partners Members (CPM) with a vast array of Hispanic Business Enterprises (HBEs) nationwide. We are proud to say that our businesses range from emerging small ventures to established firms with revenues exceeding one billion dollars. Our corporate partners include American Airlines, Apple, Bank of America, BP, Comcast, Facebook, Google, Nissan Motor Company Ltd, Shell Oil Company, and Visa.

Free registration to matchmaking events:

Matchmaking events take place at our annual National Convention and Legislative Summit. These events were crafted with the purpose of connecting attending suppliers with buyers. These include government contract work, corporations, etc.

Features in USHCC advertisements, press releases and partner publications:

Membership includes advertising on USHCC press releases and social media. This includes Medium, Facebook, and Twitter.