About the Chamber Training Institute Certification Designation 

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the United States Black Chambers of Commerce (USBC), the United States Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC), and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), recognize affiliate chambers of commerce and associations for their dedication to constant growth through the Chamber Training Institute (CTI) Certification designation.

Your chambers ‘CTI Certified’ designation will be issued by the University of Notre Dame and co-signed by the USHCC, USBC, USPAACC, and NGLCC upon attending three or more CTI’s a year. The CTI Certification is meant to highlight the achievements made by the chamber as a whole and not a single individual. 

Chamber Recognition 

Once a chamber has been represented at three different CTI Trainings the chamber will be recognized in the third city attended. The attending chamber member will receive:

  • CTI Certified Designation Certificate, issued by the University of Notre Dame

  • Recognition on the USHCC Foundation website

  • Receive rights to display the official CTI Certified Designation Seal

  • Social media announcement and highlight 

Designation Details

  • Your chamber will remain CTI Certified for a full year after the designation is awarded

  • To keep designation, the awarded chamber must attend at least attend two CTI’s per year

Frequently asked questions:

Can a single individual receive the CTI Certification Designation?

The CTI Certification Designation is designed to recognize a chambers growth as a whole and not that of a single individual. 

Does the same chamber member have to attend all three required CTI trainings in order to consider the chamber?

No. The USHCC Foundation, its collaborating chambers, and the University of Notre Dame realize that having one member attend all three required sessions is not always feasible. It is for that reason that we encourage chambers to send different or even multiple participants to each training. 

2017 CTI Schedule

Register today for the 2017 CTI's and be on your way to earn your chamber the "Chamber Training Institute Certified" Designation!

Strategic Planning and Implementation

February 22 - 24 | San Jose, CA

Note: this is a three day training

Reaching your Leadership Potential

April 20 & 21 | Phoenix, AZ

Revamping your Development Plan 

June 12 & June 13 | Washington, DC

Organizational and Program Evaluation

July 31 & August 1 | Las Vegas, NV 

Grant Proposal Writing

November 1 - November 3 | Nashville, TN

Note: this is a three day training


Lucero Pina, Program Manager